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ABOUT DHADI SHONKI February 2, 2010

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Sherman Taborer   Dhadi Amar Singh Shaunki
The folk tales and songs have been very prominant in all ages and civilizations. These songs have a profound imprint on the minds and hearts of people. These songs fetch importance they are sung by the blessed person. These songs form a dignified component of the culture.
S. Amar Singh Shaunki  was born on 15 August 1916 in a village Bhajlana near Garhshankar in Hoshirapur district of Punjab. He breathed his last on 14 August 1981. This was just a coincidence of 14th and 15th August. He hailed from a mediocre farmer family. Amar Singh was very much interested in folk music from his very childhood.
He qualified himself in the classical music under the vigilant and dynamic guidance of Sant Baba Maan Singh Zhaur of Sialkot (now in Pakistan).
In religious congregations Amar Singh used harmonium and Dholki (small drum). This was his beginning. After this he shifed to ‘Dhadi’ (Tabor) and; Sarangi’ (Guitar or Lute).
These two musical instruments made him famous. ‘Shiromani’ (Supreme) ‘Dhadi (Tabor Master). He with his shrill, impressive voice coupled with the body language enchanted the people in religious functions, festivals and family get  tog ethers like marriage ceremonies.
The main themes, on which he depended were the old evergreen tales or songs like love folk tales or Heer Ranjha, Mirza-Sebhan, Sassi-Ponnu and Puran-Rani Sundran etc. These songs are very popular among the Punjab is even today. These love songs are recited by the people of Punjab without any effort and stress. These are the part and parcel of their lives.
Amar Singh Shaunki  sang these songs in his melodious, sonorous and roaring voice which mesmerised the listeners. There are 138 phonograph records to his credit. These round gramophone dises are played and listened whole heartedly in every home of punjab . These songs have always fascinated the punjbis. His songs are of secular thought. He always thought of the welfare and betterment of the people of the world. In one sense he was humanitarian.
His songs conveyed the fillings of oneness of humanity.
Amar Singh Shaunki was not educated and literate person but he reigned supreme over the hearts and heads of such distinguished personalities and intellectuals as Prof. Mohan Singh, the poet laureate and film actor Dharminder.
Whatever Amar Singh Shaunki sing that was of the people, for the people and by the people. His tuneful voice inspired the philanthropist feelings in the minds of the people of diverse caste, creeds and colours. His sweet voice endeavoured to unite the people in one thread.
Amar Singh Shaunki is survived by three sons Sawraj Singh Shaunki, Parget Singh Shaunki and Jaspal Singh Shounki.
Amar Singh Shaunki and his ‘Dhadi Jatha’ (Team) was very popular in punjab. One member of this ‘Dhadi Jatha’ Sarangi Master Lachhman Singh Chopra is still alive and is persuading the cause cherished by Amar Singh Shounki.


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